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About Wan Li Book Co 萬里書局

Started in 1973, WAN LI BOOK Co. has marked its presence, not only in Singapore, but also in the region as it is touted to be the largest bookstore of its kind. Covering an extensive collection of 80,000 quality titles, it is the only bookstore that sells complete titles of Feng Shui books from international authors. WAN LI BOOK Co. has become the one-stop place for Feng Shui enthusiasts, offering an excellent range of books at reasonable prices. The bookstore also boasts one of the largest selections of LUO PANS and Feng Shui software. Books on Chinese Metaphysics, Astrology, Martial Arts, Taoism, and Buddhism etc. can also be found.

WAN LI BOOK Co. begins its story 38 years ago. Day by day, and book by book, the bookstore begins to build a loyal following. However in October 2011, the owner of WAN LI BOOK Co. decided to retire and a new management has stepped in. Besides following the traditional ways of running the business, WAN LI BOOK Co. will now provide better services which include pre-ordering books that are not yet available in the store. The new management feels the importance of preserving the Chinese culture and yet understands the needs of today's modern readers.

WAN LI BOOK Co. has since reopened its doors to the public in November 2011. In the years to come, WAN LI BOOK Co. will sought to bring in more English titles and aims to become a centre where intellectual property, translated titles and cultural merchandises can be produced and circulated. The bookstore will pride itself as the gateway to knowledge and cultural exchange.